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Steve Moffat & Frankie under sailFrankie goes to Hollyford - Part 3: Cook Strait & French Pass by Kayak

February 1890 and George & William Park set off from Plimmerton in Wellington crossing the Cook Straight by kayak to Picton before continuing on to Nelson. After making landfall at Mana island to wait out some rough weather they continued their journey in their Rob Roy canoes to land on the South Island.

They weren't the first Europeans first to attempt it, but they were the first to succeed. Their clever use of sail & paddle along with their huge mass of adventure experience gave them the skills to make it where others had failed.

Steve Moffat & I are about to recreate their journey from Mana Island to Picton and Nelson. This is the third of our historical recreations - I will be using the best modern gear available, Moffat will be using equipment faithfully recreated in identical materials to match the gear used by the Park's brothers in their crossing 125 years ago.

Campbell live will be airing a segment on our journey from Wednesday 25th Feb onwards - if conditions allow we will be setting off from Mana Island in a few days time.

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Motivational Speaker

New Zealand Seminar Host and speaker

Success is a Skill

There were several keys to my 20 years of racing success that can be applied to anything in life. Mostly it’s the attitude, because adventure racing is about problem solving.

That’s what defines my races, challenges and obstacles. The winner is the one who finds the most opportunities in those obstacles.  It’s a healthy kind of thinking.   

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

Would you like to learn that attitude for success?

Steve Gurney - your next speaker.


Public events and seminars - Where's Steve Gurney Now?

Coast to Coast winner Steve Gurney

Adventure Speaker

Kite buggy in the Sahara Desert

Sit back and enjoy great adventure stories.

Steve has a plethora of tales that will have you laughing and inspired to do something outstanding.  Listen to his accounts of:

Crossing the Sahara by Kite Buggy - setting two new world records: Longest Kite Buggy Journey, 1st across the Sahara by wind power alone

A Most Ambitious Journey by Canoe crossing the Southern Alps and completing a very different sort of New Zealand Coast to Coast, to nearly dying of Leptosporosis in Malasia and how he came back from the dead to win the C2C seven more times!

The dictionary defines Adventure as “outcome unknown”.   What a buzz!

Steve Gurney - your next event speaker.


Steve Gurney Kayaking in Maori Gully during Steve Moffit trip

Team Builder

Steve Gurney's Hot Teams Seminar

Winning the Coast to Coast nine times is only possible with a winning support crew.  It is the joint effort and smooth workings of my team that allowed me to win the Coast to Coast a record nine times, along with eight other top endurance race wins.  

Adventure racing builds on this concept, with the entire team having to complete the race together in order to win.  Using the team building skills from my solo racing, I was able to win, with my teams, 12 international adventure team races.  

The skills and knowledge required to build a winning adventure racing team, are the same skills required to build any sort of team striving to reach a unified goal.  

Let me share what I have learned about building winning teams to make your team the most successful in your field.

Book Steve Gurney for a winning team!


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