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Adventure Speaker

The primary aim of Steve Gurney's adventures is the fun and excitement of pushing boundaries and checking off bucket list items; they also have a second benefit: they create incredible stories to share!

The dictionary defines Adventure as “outcome unknown”

What is Steve doing now?

So, if Steve isn't racing any more, what is he doing?  Easy - he's sharing his motivational and leadership techniques through his speeches and seminar talks, and going on crazy adventures - both equally as fun!

Adventure to Gooney is about:

  • gaining skills
  • doing research
  • gathering reliable equipment
  • doing prior planning to prevent piss-poor performance
  • building figurative fences at the top of the cliff instead of organising ambulances for the bottom
  • taking personal responsibility (that’s what gives the satisfaction)
  • stepping out side of my comfort zone but inside the danger zone
  • and then committing with intelligence to make good decisions about calculated risk out in the field.

What a buzz!

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Adventure talks

Sit back and enjoy a good yarn for the evening.  Steve loves adventure as much as he loves sharing his adventure tales.  Below are just a sample few of his talks:

Mad Way South teams crossing the Sahara - Photo: Adam Head, Source: The Courier-Mail

Crossing the Sahara by Kite Buggy
Steve and his team became the first to cross the Sahara by wind power alone, while also snagging the title for longest kite buggy journey at 2100km!

Steve Gurney and Steve Moffit kayaking in George Parks' footsteps

The Original Coast to Coast
A Most Ambitious Journey - We decided to re-enact the original kayak coast to coast, a 13 day, 330km traverse dragging lugging and paddling two kayaks the whole way.

Paddling out to and across Cook Straight

Crossing the Cook Straight by Kayak
This is not a trip to take lightly. It is a true adventure, but easily accessible.

Adventure racing location

Malaysia and the Bat out of Hell
Overcoming memories of a near-deadly encounter with cave bat dung, and winning an adventure race at the same time.

Beginner's Guide to Adventure Sport

How to Videos

The Beginner's guide to adventure sport by Steve Gurney

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Gurney's Sahara Journey

Steve Gurney's Sahara Adventure by Kite Buggy - watch the pretrip news clip
Steve Gurney is Senegal or bust by kite buggy

Adventurer Steve Gurney speaks to Close Up

Explorer's Web:
Sahara kite buggies finished their journey through landmines and in rain

NZ Herald:
NZ athlete injured on Sahara quest

Xtreme Sport4u:
MadWaySouth are home and dry…


Steve Gurney in Peter Lynn's speed breaking attempt kite buggy

Climbing Mt Cook & Kayaking the Tasman River to the sea

Climbing Mt Cook & Kayaking source to sea

TVNZ Adventure clips and interview

Comparing modern adventure gear with the simplicity of the gear from the late 1800's while reenacting Mannering and Dixon's great adventure climbing Mt Cook and then following the Tasman river from source to sea by foot and kayak.

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