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Aug 05, 2014

Self talk is useful

Duncan reckons he’s going mad,… talking to himself whilst training!

Well it turns out that it’s actually quite normal to talk to ourselves. 

In fact, research shows that top achievers talk to themselves in a quite specific way, encouraging themselves with positive type of comments. And what’s more, it’s not just talk, there’s also the pictures they make in their mind, and other things they notice or feel such as reframing the effort of running up the hill as powerful, rather than painful.

Aug 04, 2014

Patience grasshopper

Our marathon man’s motoring metaphor, likening pacing oneself on the hills to using a gearbox may have worked well last week, but Duncan has gone too far this week with his suggestions. He reckons he needs to do longer sessions like the full 42 kms of the marathon. That’d be like driving the car from here to Cape Reinga without having finished building the car, and with inadequate oil. The wheels would fall off, nuts and bolts would rattle loose, (especially the nut behind the wheel) and the motor would burn out the bearings and pistons. (major injuries)

Jul 23, 2014

Treat yourself to some good gear

Some of you will have been out running in the snow and rain this week

…and some of you won’t have! It can be difficult to summons the motivation to get out the door if you don’t have the right gear. The solution is simple, go reward and incentivise yourself with a warm hat, a fleece face Buff, some gloves, some over trousers and a nice jacket.

Jul 21, 2014

How did your first time trial go this week?

In Duncan’s words:

“I took 52 minutes for my Lake Hayes loop, which was pretty slow I guess? I pushed myself a little on the flatter parts but walked much of the uphill sections as I still don’t have the strength in my legs.”

The whole idea of the time trial is to use it as a measure of improvement over the weeks. A slow first T.T. with some walking in it is totally fine. In fact it’s expected, and he can look forward to steady improvement on that as a mini-goal.

Jul 09, 2014

Enjoyable exercising when on holiday

Aiming for the Queenstown Marathon, Duncan managed to stick to the training schedule this week, despite being away in Sydney for 4 days.  He’s never taken his running shoes on holiday before, but he surprised himself at how it added enjoyment to his holiday. He used the hotel treadmill and got his training done and dusted first thing in the morning, leaving the day free for doing all of those holiday things.