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Steve Gurney builds winning teams - 

Want your team to learn to win? And have fun doing it!?

Winning Business Teams

Business teamwork seminars run by Steve Gurney

Steve Gurney runs business success seminars and workplace training to such great reviews that company executives invite him back year after year to inspire their staff to be the best team members they can be and reach their full potential. 

Book Steve now for your next business seminar - he'll work closely with you to determine what topic(s) would best suit your business and will customise his talk to best match your needs.

Favourite business leadership topics:

  • Goal Setting & Goal Getting
  • Building rapport
  • High performing teams
  • What is Really Important?
  • Dedication & Commitment
  • Positivity!
  • Innovative solutions
  • HotTeams seminars

A partial list of happy business clients:

Air New Zealand Cargo
Auckland Federated Farmers
ASB Bank
Christchurch ECNZ Rotorua
Harcourts Real Estate
IBM Australia
Saatchi & Saatchi

"Not finance, Not strategy, Not technology.  It is TEAMWORK that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful, and so rare." - Patrick Lencioni

Adventure Team Coaching

Steve Gurney took years learning how to win, (and lose!)  Now you can learn it from him in much less time and without the blood, sweat and broken gears.

“Success to me was my eventual understanding that there is no technique to finding happiness and fun, happiness and fun IS the technique”

Building a winning team is something Steve has studied in great depth in order to win first solo races, and later, stepping up the reliance on team building, adventure racing.  Perhaps the largest surprise wasn't that his teams were successful in winning race after race, but that these techniques can be used for any team striving to reach a common goal. 

Mix Steve's team building techniques with his innovative field techniques and your team has the highest chance of success.  Steve Gurney runs adventure team coaching seminars where elite teams may learn his team building and field innovation techniques in real adventure locations.

Topics covered in these seminars and speeches may include (depending on the needs of your team):

  • Field knowledge - tips and tricks
  • Team building techniques
  • Calculation & Management of Risk
  • The code of the seven Ps
  • Training tips and techniques
  • Practical practice in all of the above

Sahara Kite Buggy Team - Way Mad South

Coast to Coast Training Clinic

Kiwi adventure team training camp

Steve runs coast to coast multisport seminars covering everything from goal setting to mental excellence, and including tips on training for running, cycling (mountain and/or road), kayaking, transitions, training schedules and plans, gear, racing techniques, and much, much more. 

I'm running Coast to Coast clinics on getting your best possible performance, goals, mental excellence, principles of training, overcoming hurdles and practical technique sessions for off-road running and kayaking.

Here's the syllabus!!

Please see my Schedule page for dates, locations, and register for upcoming seminars!

Please feel free to contact me with questions at

Coast to Coast Team Training

TVNZ C2C adventure with Steve Gurney as a team member

Steve Gurney joins Lacey Wilson and James Marshall as team TVNZ for the 2013 Coast to Coast race.  Hear Lacey's report on the day here.

Multisport Kayak Racing Guide

Gurney's Braided River Racing Rules


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