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Tips on winning and resilience

What comes from from losses, challenges and crises? Suffering or Growth - It’s our choice:

Losing the America’s Cup yachting after such a huge leading margin was a massive disappointment!

…. but then again, I never learnt much from winning. My best learning and growth came from my mistakes and losses.

This learning and growth only comes to those who are gracious enough to be open to the learning with an attitude of non-judgmental curiosity.

My first step to growth; I acknowledge the pain with something like “Yes, ouch, that hurt and was disappointing, and it possibly wasn’t even fair, but then, life’s not always fair, just move on. Look at the big picture now Steve.”

Then I ask myself non-judgmental questions like:

  • “What positives can I learn from that?”

  • “What other possible learning is there?”

  • “If it were someone else in my shoes, what might they learn from that?”

  • “How can I use that to increase my motivation toward other really worthwhile goals?”

Summer’s here, set some fun, audacious and powerful goals.

Steve Gurney

“Life truly begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

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