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Jan 21, 2014

Quieter day for me today while the 2 teams were out for a run.

Wyatt (15mths) and I held the fort and enjoyed some one on one time together – such a cool little kid who is happy in his own company and very laid back!

Jan 21, 2014

My word what a day!!!! The best day yet!!!

I think my face muscles will be sore tomorrow from smiling today in excitement.

We learned, and had a go at running the dogs. Brilliant fun!!

Jan 21, 2014

Sled dogs in AlaskaAwesome day... we got out on the sleds with the dogs. Not only did we get to ride in the sled, but Jax and I got to mush!

Jan 20, 2014

I couldn’t sleep properly last night as excitement and reality took over! We’re here!!!

We’ve meet the team and now we need to learn as much as we can without getting in the way.

Jan 20, 2014

The weather forecast is not good for the next few days, more rain is due.

It’s rained in Anchorage and Willow, making the trails icy, hard and treacherous, not good for sledding training, but more importantly, it’s not good for race preparation.