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Jul 09, 2014

Enjoyable exercising when on holiday

Jul 04, 2014

Make it a habit - the principles of training

Jun 27, 2014

Duncan’s Target: Queenstown Marathon November 22nd 2014

How did you go with your first week of training for the Queenstown marathon?

Jun 19, 2014

Ever wanted to run a 10 K event, a half or full marathon?

Or just get fit?

Many of us aren’t quite sure how best to start, or put it off til “one day” when we’ve got more time, (but you know how it is,.. that “one day” never comes.)

Feb 24, 2014

It's over! Our adventure in the land of snow, ice and dogs has come to an end.

Curt not only succeeded in his goal of getting his dogs geared up for the Iditarod - he even finished in the top 10.  Seventh place is absolutely amazing when you're out for a training run!