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Adventure Racing Skills in Business

12 Business Insights

Adventure Racing provides a high pressure environment that tests the limits of team building concepts and implementation strategies. 

During our session, I'll tell entertaining stories from my adventure racing days that demonstrate the importance of adventure racing concepts that are just as important in business, as they are in winning adventure races.


Here are some of the insights I weave into my talks:

  • Failure provides success with definition

  • Working hard gets you close, but success at the highest level requires smart thinking

  • Endurance is a virtue.  Keep trying - things always change

  • Agility is the key to adapting to change

  • Innovation is essential to success in any challenge

  • Keep searching; there is always more than one right answer

  • Train smarter - not harder

  • Branding and reputation can be wielded over your competitors to gain an edge

  • Research and prepare for the risks in every venture

  • To travel far and fast you need to loose the excess baggage

  • Commit your attention to detail - success is all about the little things

  • A champion team has each member taking personal responsibility  

Which are the most important concepts for your team?Give me a call and we'll go through your team's current position and what would be most motivating and relevant for your unique group. I'll then weave my stories into these concepts and present them in a memorable and motivating manner.

"As Steve spoke I realised we have to get out of our comfort zone and into the growth zone by embracing risk and failure as part of the adventure."

- M. Gallagher, Teachers Matter



Brainstorm Ideas

Where is your team now? Where do you want to be in five years' time? 

Give me a call, or send me an email and we can talk through your ideas and work towards making your dream a reality.

"We really liked the way Steve applied his talk to our historic town and challenged us to look for new opportunities."

- Sue Patterson,
Arrowtown Promotion and Business Assn

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