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Success is a skill

What's the secret of continuous success?

How did Steve Gurney win the Coast to Coast so many times? There is more to the secret than just “determination”. Steve uses the science of achievement: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Would it be useful if you could learn the same power of motivation and sense of purpose that I had for my race wins? Imagine how you could apply that to other projects and areas of your life.

I used NLP techniques to race winning effect through out my racing career. I am so convinced at their efficacy that I decided to train to be a trainer.


Now I train others on the mental skills required for high level competitive sport, using a mixture of NLP and other motivational techniques. I and am available for individual consultation or group sessions either in person or online.

$200/90 minute session

"The positive visualising and self talk helped my team in the lead-up... me included!"

- Air New Zealand

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What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) the study of how people do things well, really well. Knowing then, then we can copy or modify this strategy.  We like to model excellence so that we can transfer that excellence to other areas in someone's life, or to help others do similar things well.

Success is a skill.  Once you’ve mastered it you can apply it to business, relationships, sports, almost any field of human endeavour. 


This is because success fundamentally requires two key components:

Internal communication

Ever wondered why your best intentions sometimes don’t get acted upon?  If you can’t get yourself to follow through on your decisions about exercising, saving, studying etc how are you going to get results?  Want to find out why and how you can get the result you desire?  Is it time to develop and use your full potential so that you get a better result?

External communication

Alone we can only achieve so much.  Working with others allows us to achieve so much more and to do this external communication is key to combine your efforts effectively with those of others. 


John D. Rockerfeller Sr. once said “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than any other under the sun.”  


Have you worked really hard on a team project only to go nowhere and feel frustrated?  Ever fallen out with someone you care about and then realised it was due to a petty misunderstanding blown out of proportion?  Do you want to have more fulfilling relationships with suppliers, customers, peers, employees and friends?

"Very empowering. You gain very useful tools to use in everyday life, with your partner, children, friends and work place."

- Erin Hibbs,
Family and Employment consultant

NLP's Infinite Applications

Controlling your mind's state

You and I will be able to recall those events, or training sessions where we were totally "in the groove" or "on fire". Remember how you got that tingle down your spine, goose bumps, that irrepressible grin on your face, and you were saying fantastic things to your self, possibly even proudly yelling out loud?

At times like that we are in a very powerful state and capable of performing at our best. With NLP we can train ourselves to access that state at any time, at will.

Another way that NLP is commonly used is to undo behaviours that we don't want. An example that I use with many sports clients is curing fear of being trapped under water. This is very common when learning to kayak. I have seen many of my kayaking students transform miraculously, freed from crippling fear to become skilled kayakers and excited at the thought of white water!

Personally, I used NLP to help me access my best resourceful state possible for racing and for effective training . I also used NLP to cure my depression when I had leptospirosis.

I have a lot of fun running training courses on Motivation, Attitude, Goalsetting and Life Purpose and Keys to Success weekends. These sessions are based on NLP, mixed with real-life anecdotes and practical lessons.

If you would like to book for one to one coaching, email me on or phone 021 GURNEY (021 487 639).

"I know the importance of goal setting, and I work with my own clients to help them set goals as well. However, the difference between knowing and achieving is huge, and you have helped me understand goal setting and more importantly, goal getting!

You have given me a range of tools that I can use myself and I can use to help my clients even more. Your sports stories are inspiring and were a real bonus for me. I am already achieving more as a result of attending your workshops.

Really loved the energy, meeting new people, having the opportunity to learn from you and coming away with a clear, concise plan and an expanded vision for the future.
Thanks again"

-Tony Watson, peopleMAD

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Mental Sports Coaching

Are you wanting to learn how to focus your mind to improve your results? Give me a call, or drop me an email to get started. 

We will likely meet online, so it doesn't matter where in the country, or world, you are located.

Thanks for joining!

I try to send out tips & videos once a month, but it may only be a few times a year during busy years.

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