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High Performance Sports Coach

Mental Excellence for Individual Sports

Are you wanting to learn how to focus your mind to improve your results? Give me a call, or drop me an email to get started. 

We will likely meet online, so it doesn't matter where in the country, or world, you are located.

Please note that I only take on a few athletes at a time so I can give the appropriate amount of attention needed for your event schedule. 

$200 / 90 minute session

Multisport Engineer

Gear Design
If you have equipment that is part of your event, or if you are a manufacturer of adventure equipment, Steve has been redesigning and repairing adventure gear for many decades.
His engineering background shines through while designing & building kayak transport trailers, servicing kayak fleets, and designing new multisport kayaks and gear.
From making new manufacturing moulds, to designing adventure clothing, and everything in between, he's a powerful asset in your next adventure gear design. 

Race Design
Steve has studied Adventure Race Design from a participant's point of view for more than two decades. This study allowed his teams to have a winning edge by being proactive instead of reactive in their planning phases. Since retiring from racing, he has been using this information to help race directors to design events. 

If you have an idea for an event and want help scoping the route, the transitions, or any other part of the planning phase, you'd be in good hands if you hired Steve to help you design your event to the highest of standards. 

"The voice of considerable experience and knowledge, delivered with inspiration.  Brilliant & invaluable!!"

- Roger Twiname
Senior Structural Engineer & Director

Multisport Engineer

Adventure Team Coach

Steve Gurney took years learning how to win, (and lose!)  Now you can learn it from him in much less time and without the blood, sweat and broken gears.

“Success to me was my eventual understanding that there is no technique to finding happiness and fun, happiness and fun IS the technique”.

Building a winning team is something Steve has studied in great depth in order to win first solo races, and later, stepping up the reliance on team building, adventure racing.  Perhaps the largest surprise wasn't that his teams were successful in winning race after race, but that these techniques can be used for any team striving to reach a common goal. 

Mix Steve's team building techniques with his innovative field techniques and your team has the highest chance of success.  Steve Gurney runs adventure team coaching seminars where elite teams may learn his team building and field innovation techniques in real adventure locations.

Topics covered in these seminars and speeches may include (depending on the needs of your team):

  • Field knowledge - tips and tricks

  • Team building techniques

  • Calculation & Management of Risk

  • The code of the seven Ps

  • Training tips and techniques

  • Practical practice in all of the above

"The voice of considerable experience and knowledge, delivered with inspiration.  Brilliant & invaluable!!"

- Roger Twiname
Senior Structural Engineer & Director

Adventure Team Coach

Coast to Coast Clinics

Make the most of your Coast to Coast

This all-day workshop is for beginners, and for experienced athletes.

I’ve got separate break-out segments for novices, and for experienced students.

The workshop is predominantly working at the level of mental excellence. It’s not dependent on fitness or experience. It’s the fundamentals of what goes on behind this. It’s about getting the best out of your training and preparation through mental processes, attitude and setting very specific goals.

One of the Challenges facing Auckland athletes is the lack of access to the Coast to Coast course. I’ll be dedicating time on the workshop to alternative training to develop the specific skills required.

I’ll be sharing what I learned from winning and losing over 20 years of Coast to Coast. This workshop is about getting better results, more easily.

Like all multisport events, the Coast to Coast has it’s unique terrain, and challenges. This is about learning how to train smart. How to train specifically for the mountain conditions.

I’ll be sharing with you the latest research from people who successfully and consistently achieve their goals. I’m delving deeply with you into the psychology of how connect powerfully with your goals.

We’ll explore the many ways to change training drudgery into excitement and fun.

We’ll have two 60 minute physical sessions,

Session one, rock running:
The science of rock running technique, with drills and practice. There is no need to be fit at all for this, it’s simply about technique.

Session two, kayak:
Kayak technique and drills. Once again there’s no need for fitness.


There is no physical bike session, but there is a little cycle theory covered. There is plenty of road cycle coaching available in most cities, so I have elected to cover the specialized specifics of multisport.


Basic Agenda: (order may change according to tides/weather for practical sessions)

What REALLY drives you?
Getting the best from your time and investment (goals enhancement)
Mental excellence
Coffee break
Rock Running

  • Specificity explained

  • Training principles

  • Practical session

Lunch break
Motivation techniques
Overcoming hurdles, injuries, breakages, plan blow-outs etc
Principles of training
Specific training ideas
Training programs
Coffee break

  • Boat choice

  • Boat set-up and optimization

  • Paddle choice

  • Paddling technique

  • Practical session

BYO Kayak, PFD, Spray deck, paddle etc
BYO Running gear, for off road.
BYO Towel
BYO Lunch
BYO Notebook and pens

You’ve already invested a lot in this race, make sure you get the best possible performance you can. Get Gurney!

$150 pp, minimum four people + transport if not in Queenstown

"Steve's coast to coast training seminar totally changed my mind set and attitude to training."

- Nick, Athlete

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