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Forge Forward in Fiji!

The ultimate goal for your team is to work as a champion team to be the first to solve the Forge Forward in Fiji (FFF) Word Puzzle.

Your team will work together as you traverse the various icons of the isles, locating and solving Amazing Race style activities.


The multiple activities will each yield a FFFClue! in the form of jumbled words, Sudoku or secret signage, that your team must unravel to insert into the word puzzle. The puzzle has highlighted fields that are the key to the ultimate word that will stop the clock.

  • Teamwork is key. FF in Fiji! is structured such that you will be faster operating as a cohesive, communicative and clever TEAM. Be powerful and have fun by including every member.

  • All team members must be present at each challenge before the next instruction is handed out.

  • To win FF in Fiji! you’ll need both BRAINS and BRAWN. Teams will be rewarded for cleverness and lateral thinking by finding the occasional short-cut.

  • Be strategic.

  • What order should you do them in? (they can be done in any order)

  • Do any of them have time constraints?

  • Do you need to book for any of them?...

  • How do you play to each team-member’s strengths?

  • Be back on time, 10 points deducted for every minute late.

To win:

Be the quickest team to decode the answers you’ve gathered during FF in Fiji! adventure, in order to solve the crossword, and thus reveal the FF in Fiij! Key word from the marked zones on the crossword.

"The Team Building activities distilled our theme of “elevate” with real world experience and perspective empowering our Teams to tackle whatever life’s adventure throws at us with courage and positivity”

- Mark Turek, Managing Director, Cachet

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Typical Schedule

Plan your day

Registration and briefing.

Steve’s motivational address;
“Being a Champion Team” 
[30 mins]

Reveal teams, team names, instructions, and map handout. 
[10 mins]

Forge Forward in Fiji! commences 
[ 2 to 3 hrs]

At the cut-off time teams to deliver their best answer to Steve, in person, with all team members present.

Prizegiving & elicit learning to implement at the office.
[10 mins]

"Our team absolutely loved the Conquer activity, It was a highlight of the conference for many people."

- Sidekick Chartered Accountants


Set your budget

We will provide a quote dependant on your location and the activities you want to incorporate into your bespoke design of Forge Forward in Fiji! Call Steve to brainstorm and plan your event. 

These photos are from an event we held at the the Yanuca Island, Shangri-La Luxury Resort.

Some activity examples:


A. Crack the Map  

Jungle Adventures
Find the hidden FFFClue! You’ll literally need to have each other’s back for this one! Be a champion team.


B. Secret Signage

The Clue is pieced together from words on local signage. See the signs!


C. Inflatable Adventures
Complete the on-water obstacle course to get your FFFClue! 


D. Solve the Sudoku
Collective brains of the team will be quickest. Remember to bring some pens!

E. Karaoke Sing-along
Pick 2 songs for your team from a Karaoke Bar. Selfie-video your team singing their favourite song, at least 1 verse and the chorus. Once finished singing, the attendant will hand you a clue to find the FFFClue! 

F. Navigate or be late
Find the hidden FFFClue! in a mapped area. Searching as a team you’ll be quicker.

G. Fishy Intelligence
Your teammates work together to find the underwater clue. Land members direct swimming members to the correct location to find the FFFClue! 

"The attention to good planning and teamwork message was what came through loud and clear. Steve delivered with style and humour"

- Marty Watson, PF Olsen Ltd

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Book your event

Would your group enjoy and benefit from a tailored adventure in your chosen location? Give me a call, or send me an email and we can choose event challenges that will work best for your team & goals.

I can run this style of event in most locations - let me know where you would like to hold your event and if you have any specific challenges you'd like to include and I'll design your event's locations & challenges to best fit your area & team.

"Great balance between mental and physical, delivered with energy and intensity."

- Claire Fox, Project Manager

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