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Best Selling Author

Steve Gurney's books, including Best-Seller Lucky Legs

Steve Gurney has written & published three books so far:


Lucky Legs, his motivational autobiography, which is a must read for anyone contemplating doing the Coast to Coast Race on the South Island. This book reached New Zealand's best seller list, and is very popular among Adventure Racers, as it covers a range of stories and tips on Adventure Racing.

Eating Dirt, is a collection of adventure stories including Steve Gurney's epic adventure across the Sahara Desert by Kite Buggy. The book also covers Steve's strong belief that childhood adventures teach kids valuable skills in managing risks while those risks are less dangerous, and are an essential part to growing into an adult who can assess much larger risks appropriately and protect themselves. Kids who are wrapped in cotton-wool and not allowed such adventures and chances of failure may miss these important lessons and find themselves in life-threatening situations they would have otherwise mitigated if they had gained the skills of risk management while young.

The Beginner's Guide to Adventure Sport in New Zealand covers a wide range of adventure sports from a beginner's perspective, and walks readers through the skills that are needed to learn each of these sports. The book includes a series of QR codes that lead to videos on each sport, supporting a variety of learning methods, which when combined with reading the text and viewing the pictures, should see the reader/viewer understand the concepts presented more fully.

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