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Team Building  Adventures

Conquer Your Town

The ultimate goal for your team is to work as a champion team to be the first to solve the Conquer Word Puzzle.

Your team will work together as you traverse the various icons of your chosen town or city, locating and solving Amazing Race style activities.


The multiple activities will each yield a clue in the form of jumbled words, Sudoku or secret signage, that your team must unravel to insert into the word puzzle.


The puzzle has highlighted fields that are the key to the ultimate word that will stop the clock.

Example Locations:

"Our team absolutely loved the Conquer Queenstown activity, It was a highlight of the conference for many people."

- Sidekick Chartered Accountants

Team Building Events
Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

Team Games

Hot Business Teams

Steve Gurney has cut the nasties out of adventure racing and is getting down to business! With no leeches, mud, blood, puffing, sweat, or sleep deprivation, your conference or business team will enjoy a virtual adventure race while developing winning team strategies.

Our Simulated Team Adventure Race will be customised to match the goals of your group and include indoor &/or outdoor options.

WARNING! It is addictive, very competitive, and FUN!

"It was a great way to learn about our teams under pressure, identify individuals strengths, and have fun! "

- S.E. from Christchurch



Business Workshops

Whether your team is an adventure racing team, or a business development team, I run sessions, workshops and events that will teach your team to work together smoothly. 

Favourite business leadership topics:

  • Goal Setting & Goal Getting

  • Building rapport

  • High performing teams

  • What is Really Important?

  • Dedication & Commitment

  • Positivity!

  • Innovative solutions

Give me a call and let's discuss your teams' needs to help your team learn and play to individual strengths within the team and become a champion team instead of a team of champions.

"The stories around Steve's adventures had many parallel applications for our forestry contractors, workers and management staff. 


The attention to good planning and teamwork message was what came through loud and clear. Steve delivered with style and humour"

- Marty Watson, PF Olsen Ltd

Team Leader - Modified.jpg
Teams at the Clutha River kayak

Racing Teams

Adventure Racing

Steve Gurney took years learning how to win, (and lose!)  Now you can learn it from him in much less time and without the blood, sweat and broken gears.

“Success to me was my eventual understanding that there is no technique to finding happiness and fun, happiness and fun IS the technique”

Building a winning team is something Steve has studied in great depth in order to win first solo races, and later, stepping up the reliance on team building, adventure racing, winning 12 international team adventure races. 


Perhaps the largest surprise wasn't that his teams were successful in winning race after race, but that these techniques can be used for any team striving to reach a common goal. 

Mix Steve's team building techniques with his innovative field techniques and your team has the highest chance of success.  

"Extremely passionate and innovative, willing to go the extra mile to make things work; very down to earth and personable."

- Ben Crawford, BYATA



Brainstorm Ideas

Are you working on a documentary, have an upcoming grand adventure, organising a TV show, planning an event or anything else that could use some Gurney input?

Give me a call, or send me an email and we can talk through your ideas and work towards making your dream a reality.

"Great balance between mental and physical, delivered with energy and intensity. 

Fun, insightful and possibly the biggest impact on me being able to achieve my goals."

- Claire Fox, Project Manager

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