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Motivational Speaker

Steve is highly motivated to succeed in a variety of endeavors, and has studied and tested how to turn this motivation into winning reality, giving him the knowledge to be a natural motivational speaker. 

Combine this background with his eagerness to share his knowledge and his true-to-life honesty, mixed with loads of integrity, and you get a highly enthusiastic, entertaining, and motivational speaker.

Enjoy a sample of Steve Gurney's speaking here, or his "If you're nervous, then it's worthwhile" Kathmandu Coast to Coast Ambassador Video.


Steve Gurney ascending a cliff face - obstacle or opportunity?

Obstacle or Opportunity?

Life is full of obstacles and opportunities.  The important thing is to appreciate that the obstacles themselves are commonly opportunities when viewed from a positive angle.

During the Raid Guloises Adventure Race in Borneo, Steve was infected with Leptosporosis by bat dung as his team raced through the Mulu caves. 

Steve Gurney nearly died of Leptosporosis in BorneoSteve suffered circulatory collapse and pulmonary oedema followed by renal failure while being dragged through intensive care wards in Malaysia and Singapore.  He came very close to death.

Read more of this story in Lucky Legs, and on kidney researcher John Pickering's blogs.

It is Steve's fight back to winning form (winning 7 Coast to Coast races in a row afterwards) in just 2 years, in the face of medical professionals' skepticism and doubt that spawned many requests for speaking engagements.

Learn how he turned this, and many other of his life's large obstacles into a winning opportunity.

Favourite obstacle/opportunity topics:

  • Getting out of the comfort zone, and into the growth zone by embracing risk & failure as part of the adventure
  • Hey! I'm not dead yet!
    How to stage a come-back.
  • Success is a skill
  • Turning stumbling blocks
    into stepping stones
  • Resilience Seminars

Steve Gurney delivering a speech in Queenstown

Practical NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I used NLP techniques to race winning effect through out my racing career. I am so convinced at their efficacy that I decided to become a certified trainer.

You and I will be able to recall those events, or training sessions where we were totally "in the groove" or "on fire". Remember how you got that tingle down your spine, goose bumps, that irrepressible grin on your face, and you were saying fantastic things to your self, possibly even proudly yelling out loud?

At times like that we are in a very powerful state and capable of performing at our best.

With NLP we can train ourselves to access that state at any time, at will.

“Winning isn’t really about simple goal setting. It’s about choosing goals that give me goosebumps and then being clever and precise about how I imagine myself getting to those goals. I used NLP for this, and it was so incredibly powerful that I trained to be an NLP coach myself to help others get their big and audacious goals!”

Favourite NLP topics include:

Look at Steve's eyes to see possible levels of determination with NLP

Fitness and Sports Goals

Steve Gurney working excercise into his everyday workoutSteve jokes about his ‘lucky legs’ ("so scrawny, lucky they don't snap off and poke up my bum"), his diminutive stature, and the fact that he always came last in races at school.

Steve was so determined to win that he searched everywhere for advantages, learnt new techniques, trained harder and more thoroughly, invented new equipment, and cunningly outmanoeuvred the competition on race days.  In his talks, and his book Lucky Legs, he generously shares his strategies for success that can be used by anyone, in any field - be it sport or business.

Among other techniques, he has figured out how to incorporate fitness training into his everyday life's routines, and is excited to pass on this knowledge to make others healthier and happier, and through these techniques, helping to make a cleaner, greener society.

Favourite Sport topics include:


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