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Motivational Speaker

Motivate Your Team

Steve is highly motivated to succeed in a variety of endeavours, and has studied and tested how to turn this motivation into winning reality, giving him the knowledge to be a natural motivational speaker. 

Combine this background with his eagerness to share his knowledge and his true-to-life honesty, mixed with loads of integrity, and you get a highly enthusiastic, entertaining, and motivational speaker.

- Using winning adventure sport concepts to thrive in business.

- Obstacle or Opportunity?

- Success is a skill

- Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

"Steve was inspirational, a real catalyst for positive change throughout our team. We look forward to him coming back next year."

- Air New Zealand, Auckland


High Adventure

Inspirational Stories

The primary aim of Steve Gurney's adventures is the fun and excitement of pushing boundaries. They also have a second benefit: they create incredible stories to share!

A Few Popular Adventures

"Steve was a hilarious speaker, would be great to hear him again!"

- Queenstown Trails Trust

Adventure Racing Bike Swingbridge - crop

Resilience & Change

Mental Strength

Life is full of obstacles & opportunities. 


The important thing is to appreciate that the obstacles themselves are commonly opportunities when viewed from a positive angle.

During the Raid Guloises Adventure Race in Borneo, Steve was infected with Leptosporosis by bat dung as his team raced through the Mulu caves. 

Steve suffered circulatory collapse and pulmonary oedema followed by renal failure while being dragged through intensive care wards in Malaysia and Singapore.  He came very close to death.

Read more of this story in Lucky Legs, and on kidney researcher John Pickering's blogs.

It is Steve's fight back to winning form (winning 7 Coast to Coast races in a row afterwards) in just 2 years, in the face of medical professionals' skepticism and doubt that spawned many requests for speaking engagements.

Learn how he turned this, and many other of his life's large obstacles into a winning opportunity.

Favourite obstacle / opportunity topics:

  • Getting out of the comfort zone, and into the growth zone by embracing risk & failure as part of the adventure

  • Hey! I'm not dead yet!
    How to stage a come-back.

  • Success is a skill

  • Turning stumbling blocks
    into stepping stones

  • Resilience Seminars

"The voice of considerable experience and knowledge, delivered with inspiration.  Brilliant & invaluable!!"

- Roger Twiname
Senior Structural Engineer & Director

Resilience & Change

Mental Health

Depression & Anxiety

Even top athletes fall victim to poor mental health...

Steve has had many close calls with death, but none closer than his Leptospirosis infection from bats in the Mulu Caves.

Following this lepto episode Steve had two years of suicidal depression, (and this tendency is still ongoing btw).

He candidly and constructively shares his research, philosophy and strategies for cultivating healthy mental states of mind and habits.

"Steve was fantastic – a very engaging and enthusiastic speaker, and person in general."

- Scott Mai
Director/Business Manager Chester Grey Chartered Accountants New Zealand

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Brainstorm Ideas

Are you working on a documentary, have an upcoming grand adventure, organising a TV show, planning an event or anything else that could use some Gurney input?

Give me a call, or send me an email and we can talk through your ideas and work towards making your dream a reality.

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