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Anti Friction, Anti Blister, Anti Septic and Anti Chafing, Gurney Goo uses the latest silicon technology with Tea Tree antiseptic qualities to keep your feet dry, preventing prune wrinkles (and trench foot) in wet conditions.

Also used for:

  • Feet, armpits, crotch, butt cheeks & nipples

  • Prevents kayaking blisters

  • Tried & tested by Steve Gurney & his team during Adventure Races

  • Also great for preventing baby nappy rash!

  • Our customers' uses

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Product Engineer

Inventing Multisport Gear

Steve loves inventing. He’s a gearloose MacGuiver.

He’s always been passionately, incorrigibly, creative. He loves brainstorming outside of the box.

As you’d expect he is unfettered when applying this to his multisport, both in race strategies, and equipment.

Every year in the Coast to Coast he’d come up with a new “rule-stretching” piece of equipment, (recall the “Pod", and the Anti-Gravity-Paddle-Levitation-device”)

Then he worked with Grahame Sisson where together they came up with the Evolution kayak which is still top of the kayak pops for advanced paddlers.

Then there was the Bumfortable kayak seat, and GurneyGoo, and many others (some not so successful, but failures are all part of the yin/yang of success)

Currently Steve is “fizzing at the bung” about the new lightweight plastic kayak he’s developing with Barracuda kayaks. It’s called the “Waimak” and is squarely targeted at the intermediate Coast to Coast kayaker, it’s had some really clever design thinking, and we’re hoping to get the first batch of 20 out for Father Christmas to deliver this summer. Watch this space!


The Gurney Gears Bumfortable is a replacement seat for your multisport kayak. There's no reason to wait until the glass seat in your boat breaks - here's why you want a Bumfortable seat in your kayak:

  1. Comfort and support - closed cell foam provides comfort while being supportive enough to maintain a good paddling position. It can also be shaped to suit your particular body-to-seat interface.

  2. Lower centre of gravity - as compared to the fitted seats that most racing kayaks come with as standard, the Bumfortable actually sits on the bottom of your kayak, lowering yourself that few extra centimetres to the hull can make a huge difference to your stability. Ensure that you don't impede your paddling by being too low.

  3. Flow tunnels on the base of the Bumfortable allow you to pass tubes underneath for drinks

  4. Smooth Bumfortable finish to allow sufficient paddling rotation for long races

  5. Designed to support your back

  6. Lightweight & non-absorbent

  7. Warm closed cell foam - the Gurney Gears Bumfortable is warmer and more comfortable than fibreglass. Less abrasive and much less likely to make your legs fall asleep.

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