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Home Base Location

Steve lives near Queenstown New Zealand

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Speaking Logistics

Speakers Bureau Flier

Equipment requirements

  • A radio lapel microphone
  • Data projector
  • Large whiteboard

Steve will provide his own Apple Macbook Pro Laptop & Apple Dongle for VGA.  He also has a long-range slide changer, so the laptop can easily be set up at the back of the room if the technician so desires.

Pre-written Introductions for MCs

High res photos


Victory in Coast to Coast

A passion for innovation

Head & shoulders shots

"Life truly begins at the edge of the ComfortZone"

Adventures, Climbing Aoraki Mt Cook

Too many hospital visits

Crossing the Sahara by wind

Pricing guidelines

Corporate keynote speeches:

$4000 + GST + Travel expenses (transport, accommodation, & food)

Schools, Registered charitable organizations, and Small events:

We can sometimes negotiate to suit smaller budgets by combining events with corporate groups in the same area. 

Steve regularly travels all around New Zealand and overseas, so this is often a possibility. 

This is easiest for those wanting a speaker in Queenstown where Steve is based and frequently booked for speaking. 

Please fill in the booking form for your event(s), and we'll let you know if this will be an option for your date(s) / event(s).


Steve Gurney is based near Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Flights for your speaking event will need to be worked into his travel plans for other speeches, so they may or may not be routed through Queenstown. 

When booking flights, book flexible flights, as speaking schedules frequently change.

Speaking Bureaus

If you have pitched Steve Gurney to a client and are concerned that they may approach us directly, just let us know who you have pitched to and for what dates. 

If they do contact us directly, then we will direct them back to you for pricing, booking and logistics, etc and only help them directly with speech &/or workshop content planning. 

If several bureaus pitch for the same event, the one who notifies us first will be considered to own the pitch. 

Please note: It is rare for clients to contact us directly after speaking to an agency.  This section is here purely to alleviate any fears.


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