Jan 19th - Curt & Fleur in Anchorage | Steve Gurney

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Jan 19th - Curt & Fleur in Anchorage

Jan 19th Curt and Fleur picked us up in Anchorage in the big red Chevy dog truck.

It was awesome to see Curt and Fleur again! (And wee Wyatt, their 14 month son).  Connecting again with their purpose and energy. Finally we’re on the countdown to the race. Only 11 more days for preparation.

Beginning to realise just how truly passionate these guys are about their dogs. The welfare of their dogs often seems more important to them than their own…. Just to give you an idea of their dedication:

In their last 3 moves over the years, as they’ve accumulated more dogs they’ve chosen to leave behind furniture, a couch, a fridge, a washing machine to make room for the new pups and dogs. Truly dedicated!

Arriving home Curt and Fleur introduced us to the dogs, all 29 of them. Some are shy, but most are keen and eager to meet us.

An important strategy of Curt and Fleur is to treat the dogs as mates, to treat them as family, (and they really do!) Even picking up poo was fun.

It’s immediately noticeable to me, the respect and close bond between Curt, Fleur and every dog. I’m sure this is one of the reasons they get such good performance from the dogs… and this is the area I’m REALLY keen to explore on this trip.