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Cook Strait & French Pass by Kayak

Frankie goes to Hollyford - Part 3

February 1890 and George & William Park set off from Plimmerton, Wellington to Picton before continuing on to Nelson. After making landfall at Mana island to wait out some rough weather they continued their journey in their Rob Roy canoes to land on the South Island.

They weren't the first Europeans first to attempt it, but they were the first to succeed. Their clever use of sail & paddle along with their huge mass of adventure experience gave them the skills to make it where others had failed.

Steve Moffat & I are about to recreate their journey from Mana Island to Picton and Nelson. This is the third of our historical recreations - I will be using the best modern gear available, Moffat will be using equipment faithfully recreated in identical materials to match the gear used by the Park's brothers in their crossing 125 years ago.

Campbell live will be airing a segment on our journey from Wednesday 25th Feb onwards - if conditions allow we will be setting off from Mana Island in a few days time.

Follow us right here, join my newsletter, follow us on Spot Satellite GPS, and watch out for us on Campbell Live!

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