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Limiting Beliefs

This video is about Beliefs.

How much do we actually limit our potential with beliefs that aren't true?

All humans are basically the same with resect to how our personality is formed, and how much confidence we have in achieving and growing. However, many of those beliefs instilled in us are not our own beliefs, or our own perception of our limitations; rather they were passed on to us by our parents, teachers, grand parents, usually loving, well-meant advice.

It's always useful to examine our beliefs on what we're capable of to check whether they're actually true.

In addition, our limits or capabilities often change as the world changes, eg technology advancements enable us to achieve different things, the climate or the economy changes, all affecting what is possible or not possible.

Listen to my story about the fleas. Another example is Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile record.

The most important thing is to be curious, to always be prepared for something different to what we thought to be true, and to be prepared for change.

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