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Designing & Building the Waimak Barracuda Multisport Kayak

I’ve accepted the invitation to join this innovative, energetic team at Barracuda kayaks. They’re really going places, (literally… in many ways ).

I have 3 roles, one developing the family of new Multisport kayaks, another other wearing my mechanical engineering hat to expand the production capabilities of the new factory , and finally working with the team on innovative new projects such as the E-kayaks and foiling kayaks.

Here’s the brand new factory at the beautiful Marsden Cove. The commissioning is not quite finished yet, but already we’ve doubled production, and our systems are now much more efficient…. And one of my favourites…. we’re looking after the planet with full circle recycling! All of our off-cuts go into the grinder to make the next boats. PLUS, at their eventual end of life, old Barracuda kayaks go back into the grinder to get made into new boats, avoiding landfill altogether!

We’ve outgrown our Silverdale factory (and to be honest it was a dive)

And we needed to be closer to the water for testing our exciting new kayak projects.

Speaking of new projects, we’re really excited that our Equitise crowd funding has raised some good solid capital to leverage our Callaghan innovation funding, enabling us to significantly advance our foiling kayak, the E-kayak and the new Waimak Multisport kayak.

Crickey! The future looks brilliant! I reckon we’re the market leaders. (Did you see Team NZ claiming they’ve got NZ’s first foiling boat, yeah Nah! Not so fast lads, we’ve done it already!) If you want to get on board with us, you’ve got 2 days to go.

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