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"Blobbo Sapiens" Design for humans not vehicles

There is a groundswell beginning:

Increasing numbers of concerned and aware public want to arrest the de-evolutionary slide to "blobbo-sapiens"

Movement and exercise is a basic function and requirement of the human body. I am alarmed that often we have lost perspective on this.

Technology, social conditioning and perhaps laziness seem to be marching a direction that gives little thought for easily incorporating activity into a natural rhythm of life. Too often people need to make a special effort or activity to go the gymnasium, or to dust off the "Gensu lobotomiser machine" from under the bed for another torture session, or to drag out the jogging shoes, moaning.

How about a fresh perspective on this? Designing our environment (town planning) and daily schedules, to incorporate exercise as it is intended without having to make an extra activity effort.

Are we getting too precious about getting a little sweat on ourselves? How about walking or biking to work? Even part way.

Do we need to overhaul our town planning to give humans TOP priority over vehicles? ( I reckon we've well and truly lost the plot on this one! )

It is said, quite rightly, that to think globally we need to act locally.

What about issues like kids walking to school. Too often now, there is a major traffic jam outside schools as dozens of parents drop their kids to the school gate. What happened to the days when kids walked or biked to school? Think back to the stories of our grandparents, where some walked 10 miles to school and 10 miles home, every day. Certainly did them no harm, (and perhaps this is one of the reasons why these wise members of our society have none of the arrogance we see in some of today's youth?) Today's parents cite excuses like "stranger danger", but I wonder if that is any more of an issue than it used to be, and whether it is can be easily solved by things like education and walking buses. Driving kids cycle-able distances is setting them into exercise-starved patterns for life.

How about a frank look at design of our cities to make walking, biking, skating, wheelchair, and general human powered locomotion a priority over motorised vehicles.

Think about your next vehicle trip. Does it need to be in a car, could it be a walk or a bike instead? Truthfully? It often requires a wee adjustment of mindset. Eg. To drive it will take 10 minutes. To bike it will take 20 minutes. For an investment of 10 minutes, I've got 20 minutes of valuable exercise, and saved fuel and pollution. Everyone is a winner!

I'm interested in forming an Email group of people interested in taking this concept further. I need ideas on the next step. Could it be we form a club/committee? Would it be better that we make some sort of submission to council/gov't? Let me know if you're keen to put a bit of effort into this, and what your ideas for progress are.

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