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Marathon Training: Week 6

Treat yourself to some good gear

Some of you will have been out running in the snow and rain this week

…and some of you won’t have! It can be difficult to summons the motivation to get out the door if you don’t have the right gear. The solution is simple, go reward and incentivise yourself with a warm hat, a fleece face Buff, some gloves, some over trousers and a nice jacket.

They needn’t be expensive, I’ve used XXL dishwashing gloves over my cheap polypro gloves instead of fancy weather-proof gloves, and a plain nylon jacket and over-pants will suffice, because Goretex seldom “breathes” enough for the sweat of runners. Later when we get into longer runs, you’ll also need some sort of drink holder. So it’s a good idea to get something like a small Camelbak pack with a drink bladder and enough room to pack a spare thermal, some spare muesli bars, a small first aid kit, your headlamp and a cell phone.

It’s very satisfying, motivational and virtuous, out training in snowy, stormy weather if you’re well equipped and with back-up gear in your back-pack, knowing that you’re getting “one-up” on those softies indoors. Just remember to check the weather’s not gonna get worse, choose a safe trail, that someone knows that you’re out there, stay safe and be a clever planner.

Duncan's continuing success

Duncan stuck to the schedule again, went 2 minutes faster on his time trial, and came up with some great metaphors for training speeds. In Duncan’s words;

“Being a car guy I found it helpful to liken my running to engines; I experimented a little with using different gears ie on downhill gradients lengthening my stride and getting gravity to give me some free distance, similarly on uphill gradients I used a lower gear, speed or rhythm which is reasonably comfortable to sustain – just like using the correct gear in your car to take it easy on the engine!”

Week six training schedule:

This week we’re cutting out the walking if possible. Just easy and sustainable jogging. Of course it’s fine to walk for a few minutes here and there if you need to.

Thursday 24th July

Jog 40 mins; start and finish with a slow job, as warm up / down. Flat

Friday 25th July

Rest day

Saturday 26 July

Time trial #3. Aim to beat last week's time.

Warm up 10 mins brisk walk or easy jog.

Warm down 10 mins walking.

Record your time.

Sunday 27th July

Jog 50 mins at a conversational pace (Easy-Medium)

Monday 28th July

Rest day (optional swim or bike or yoga or gym 30 mins)

Tuesday 29th July

Jog 30-40 minsMedium Pace

Wednesday 30th July

Rest day (optional cross train eg swim, bike, yoga 30 mins)

Thursday 31st July

Jog 45 mins, start & finish with a slow jog, as warm up / down. Small hills

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