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Gurney's Coast to Coast Accelerator Program

Covid Cocked-up your Coast to Coast Campaign?

There are only 14 weeks to go before race day!  Covid restrictions have no doubt put a stick in your spokes with training and preparation, causing athletes to worry that they're behind in their training, and their confidence is now dropping.

Don't worry, Gurney's got you with a new accelerator program!

Gurney is stepping up to help you to (phew!)

  • Re-calibrate to get maximum results for your limited training time

  • Prioritise the critical high-quality training, and cut out the less important aspects

  • Get clarity on your goals and develop a calm, clear and calculated strategy

  • Access your maximum motivation

35 yrs of Coast to Coast has taught this wise old dog a few tricks in solving set-backs, interruptions and injuries. If Gurney can consistently win 9 times despite the curve-balls, he can help you achieve your goals too.

Training Plans

Free Webinar

50 min

17 Nov, 8pm

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